ESS Statement on Black Lives Matter & Anti-Discrimination

We continue to be shocked and angered by recent , continuing, instances of systemic racism, not only in the USA but equally here in the UK and Europe.

We stand in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, although we do not claim to fully understand the experience of those who suffer the injustice, we stand with them, nonetheless.

We are looking inwardly to see what we can actively do to contribute to positive changes within our industry.

We openly invite and encourage an approach from anyone wanting to pursue a career in professional audio, who may have previously felt that discrimination therein would lead to their rejection, or hinder their professional career.

We will ensure you do not suffer this treatment at ESS.

Furthermore we will look to support you within the industry so that you can gain the opportunities which your skills, talent and knowledge deserve.

Additionally we are introducing an ESS Discrimination Reporting Tool to the ESS freelancer reporting suite.

Via this simple online tool we currently report equipment defects, accident and near-miss reports from site or warehouse.

From now on ESS freelancers and core crew will be able to report any instances of discrimination, on Racial, Gender or Identity Orientation grounds.

These reports can be anonymous, if preferred.

All reports will be treated extremely seriously and will be immediately addressed internally.

If relevant to colleague companies or clients, we will approach those parties to raise their awareness and actively call out those responsible.

We feel that by tracking and addressing discrimination head-on, we can start to break down that culture, which unfortunately is still systemic within our industry today.

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