Nik Kershaw and ESS

ESS co founder, Phil McDaniel, has been working as principle Monitor Engineer for Nik Kershaw for over 20 years.
Alongside his FOH colleague , the Mighty Mike Benson, Phil has always enjoyed this role.

Nik Kershaw always surrounds himself with fantastic band members, leading to consistently impressive performances.

The most enjoyable aspect of the work though, is the very Human attitude of Nik and the crazy humour of the band & crew vibe, never a dull moment !

On the 2019 Scandinavian tour ESS provided a super compact bus trailer package of Midas Pro1 (Monitors), 7 x Sennhesier G3 IEM systems, Digico S21 (Front Of House) and  Turbosound TQ308 fills to the Nik Kershaw tour.

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