Consumer In Ear Monitor Vacuum Cleaner

Born out of the hearing aid industry the Jodi-Vac is a compact, portable headphone enclosure cleaning solution that helps keep your in ear headphones clean.  Monitor engineers have been raving about the Jodi-Vac as with only a few minutes per set of headphones as often as you need, you will ensure that you are removing wax before it builds up and requires a professional service.  


With the precise adaptors for the miniature vacuum allowing the user to get into every nook of  the tiny enclosures openings you can be sure to extend the life of the in ear monitors and keep them road worthy for many years. 

Coupling the Jodi-Vac with the MiEMi (also stocked by ESS) you can really stay on top of the performance and maintenance of your bands in ear monitors on the road.

  • Jodi-Vac Consumer  Vacuum Cleaner consists of vacuum which is 15 inches of Mercury.
  • Unit operates on 12VDC and power Supply is desktop style of 120/240Vac, 50/60Hz
  • Filter is replaceable, non-serviceable
  • Wax collects in replaceable filter
  • Ball located behind filter is an air flow indicator
  • Attached tubing is coiled and may be extended to approximately 1 metre reach.
Phil McDaniel Using UE Meimi, Jodi Vac

ESS’s Phil McDaniel using the Jodi-Vac touring with Emeli Sande.

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