ESS are one of the premier distributors of UE products in the UK.  With a keen customer focus we are able to guide you through the transition into high quality custom IEM systems, every step of the way.  From advice on the product range, through to giving impressions and fast turnaround repairs we can help with any UE related sales and service enquiries.

A Part of Live Audio History.

UE changed the music industry over 20 years ago when they created the first in-ear monitor. Developed for Alex Van Halen by his monitor engineer to give Alex a way to protect his hearing while allowing him to improve his on-stage performance. Since then, UE has continued to innovate and push what’s possible in our custom in-ear monitors, which are now used by the majority of the world’s top touring musicians and crew.

The Industry Standard

In that 20 years, UE have made more than 100,000 in ear monitors for musicians, technicians and music lovers who recognise their dedication to craftsmanship. Each pair is the result of hours of painstaking engineering and artisanship that blends premium audio technology with eye-catching personal style.  

UE take advantage of  ultra modern 3D software and 3D printing in the production of all their custom IEMs, guaranteeing fit and quality every time.

Ready to Order????

Let ESS’s UE specialist guide you through the whole process:

  • Choose the right model for your personal situation and budget.
  • Choose the faceplate colour or custom design
  • Choose the shell colour
  • Choose the length and colour of your swappable cable
  • Let ESS organise having your ears impressions taken with a professional audiologist anywhere in the UK
  • ESS will take care of the order and delivery side of things

All UE custom in ears come with an engraved UE hard case and UE Super Bax cable with IPX socket.  This, the latest development in cable and socket technology, is strong, flexible, lightweight, and waterproof, ready for even the hardest of head bangers.  The cable has no memory wire and will not oxidise.

The Range

ue 5 trans lucky red

UE 5 Pro

Click Here

UE 6 Pro

Click Here
ue 7 trans orange rust

UE 7 Pro

Click Here

UE 11 Pro

Click Here

Don’t delay get your Special Artiste deal set up now!

Secondly, why not take advantage of the current absence of Live shows to get the entire touring set of (any brand) IEMs deep-cleaned and evaluated for campaign worthiness?

All evaluation work done at ESS Brighton, UK.

If necessary, and if authorised by you,  we can take care of sending any IEMs off to manufacturer if significant repair is required.

The cleaning and evaluation is currently down-priced to £7.50 + VAT per set of IEMs.
Any additional parts or out-of-warranty / shipping expenses would only be recharged at cost.

Firstly, email us at UE@esspahire.co.uk to start a Special one-one Artiste Deal dialogue.

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