ESS At We Make Events, Red Alert, London

We at ESS were proud to have attended the We Make Events Happen, Red Alert demonstration, in London on the banks of the River Thames, and stood in solidarity with our fellow industry professionals in our hour of need. 

With ESS also feeling the impact and hardships caused by the effects on the live events industry from Covid 19 and seeing and hearing first hand the effect it is having on the freelance staff we rely on and treasure, we felt we had to make our voices heard.  The press coverage across the uK has definitely raised the profile of the problem we face and started the ball rolling but there is still a long way to go with more action planned for the near future.

ESS At We Make Events, Red Alert, London

Phil McDaniel also saw the opportunity to promote and tryout the first of a fleet of Covid Hygiene Systems at the event, which ESS are supplying for hire and sale.  With the help of ESS veterans, Dennis Fernandez and Darren Connor, we were setup in a matter of minutes and there was a great and positive response to our hands free, flight cased systems.

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