ESS Covid Hygiene Systems In Action At the M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool

18th, 19th, 20th December 2020

The Classic Rock Show & Rumours of Fleetwood Mac.

It was certainly great to get back in the saddle and work on these CMP promoted shows, which ESS having provided control, PA and monitors for for several years now.

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Planning and delivering 2 different shows over 3 nights gave us a chance to test out and fine tune the new technologies we have adopted in a new Covid events world.  With crew, client and public safety being of utmost importance we feel being proactive to be able to enable events to happen while covid is still with us is the only way forward. With this in mind we have attacked the problem from several angles covering crew and client personal safety, environmental hygiene and equipment contamination. Below shows how we used each technology with great success at these shows, all available for hire or sale thorough ESS. ESS-COVID-HYGIENE

Radic8 Air Filtration Systems

The world leading technology in air filtraion, neutralisation, and decontamination.  Radic8 destroys the widest range of airborne pollutants including bacteria, viruses, VOCs.

We deployed a VK401 unit in the production office.  With its 60m2 effectiveness we were able to discretely keep this area safe.  We felt with the varied human traffic in the production office throughout the day that this was a logical place for this unit.

The VK103 was placed in the green room positioned next to a hand-wash station and although is suitable for spaces of upto 100m2 we wanted to get a feel for it’s intrusiveness or and the general vibe of it being around as it’s a free standing, tall unit.  The response was very good and like anything you soon forgot t was there and as one person put it “it was no different form having a drinks cooler in the room”.  Radic8 will be a constant presence at all ESS shows from now on.

ESS are now proud supplier for all Radic8 products.

ESS Covid Hygiene Solutions

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ESS Contactless Hand-Wash Station

A purpose designed fully contactless mobile hand-wash station built for touring.  We felt this to be the absolute basic level of hygiene systems we could provide our crew and clients in the current climate.  

We deployed several around the backstage of the arena in convenient high footfall areas.  Side of stage by stage access encouraged everyone accessing and leaving the stage to wash their hands.  

As the Green Room did not have a plumbed sink it allowed all crew, band employees etc to wash their hands before using the tea/coffee facilities.

We definitely noticed a really positive reaction with a sense that people felt more relaxed in those rooms due to the measures in place.

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Philips Bioshift UVC Chamber

Ideal for instant disinfection of objects and (shared) devices, UV-C chambers inactivate the majority of viruses in a matter of minutes and so is the perfect solution to disinfecting shared microphones and belt packs between performances and show days.
The speed of disinfection at only 1 minute is teh pwerfect fit for our industry when time is of the essence on changeovers and now looking to safely cater for support bands.

It has been proven to inactivate 99.9999% of the SARS-COV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, within 1 minute

Andy Greenwood (monitor engineer) had a great routine of putting mics and in ears packs etc. into the Bioshift Chamber and then washing his hands using the Hand-wash station, situated next to the Bioshift, before taking them out and placing mics on stage and handing out in ears belt packs.

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Viractiv Face Shield

The Virustatic Shield, with its unique Viruferrin™ coating gave antiviral protection to all our crew on the show. 

The benefits over other face masks are that it’s light and breathable, with scientifically proven stopping power. Therefore, you can touch the mask and not pass on viruses via other surfaces you touch after.  

We had very positive feedback from the crew about their comfort and practicality.   Although there was a request for a black version which we are looking into.

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