The Classic Rock & Rumours of Fleetwood Mac Shows

18th, 19th, 20th December 2020

...... and we're back.

It’s been a long layoff since our last socially distanced gig back in  August 2020 which made these shows even more poignant and enjoyable than the ones we normally put out.  Absence really has made the heart grow fonder and add an element of gratitude that we are lucky enough to be involved in such an inspiring and incredible industry.  

Capacity in the Arena was defined by government Tier 2 rules and only permitted 1000 per show in a 2/3 venue layout. CMP made the event happen despite reduced capacity, along with the co-operation of all suppliers shows the shows did cover costs. 

The audience loved it, with a great reaction each night.

It is hoped that with the success of these shows more socially distance gigs are not too far in the future, building to full capacity as soon as possible.

The “new normal” has encouraged us to be forward thinking and proactive in our downtime.  Believing that covid is here to stay, we have invested in and deployed a series of different Covid-Hygiene technologies to help keep our staff, clients and the public safe throughout the event day, all were present at these shows and taken care of by ESS’s Jon Clarke,  including Radica8 Viruskiller airfiltration systems, ESS contactless hand-wash stations, Philips Bioshift UVC sterilisation chamber and Viractiv antiviral face masks.

Take a more in-depth look here!

ESS provide fully contactless Covid Hygiene hand-wash stations to all of their events.  Get in touch to hire yours: contactless-hand-wash-station/

Event Transport Ltd. loading up at ESS, Mansfield

L’Acoustics K2 & Kara flying high

24 L’Acoustics K2 flown as the main PA with SB28 Subs and 12 L’Acoustics Kara flown as out-fills, 6 Kara deployed as front-fills.

Pre show sound prediction by Mark Hughes

The Classic Rock Show

The Classic Rock Show provided the first nights entertainment on the 18th December and did not disappoint with sets driving home some nostalgic oldies covering Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Van Halen and ACDC to name a few and adding a sprinkling of Christmas through out with Fairytale of New York and Christmas War Is Over amongst others.  A real treat.

As Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac were heading the final 2 nights on the 19th and 20th audio, lighting and video setup was designed to suit the 2 shows with minimal disruption.  From an audio point of view this left Dave Baker, FOH Consoles across both shows, to do a console swap from the Midas Pro2 from The Classic Rock Show to the Yamaha CL5 on Rumours of Fleetwood Mac as well as a basic monitor setup re jig for the new lineup.

Will Dickinson  was our FOH Systems tech across both shows and was super happy with the coverage and uniformity the L’Acoustics K2 and Kara provided.

Andy Greenwood, Monitors

The Classic Rock Show

Classic Rock Show FOH

FOH The Classic Rock Show

Lights by LIVE LX

Set 1

Set 2

Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

Joe Wright, Monitors

The Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

Rumours of Fleetwood Mac giving their all for the audience

RFM Side of Stage

ESS Back Doing The Thing We Do Best.......

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