Sound Tap AC

Start using in-ears now with our personal monitoring system. Sound Tap works with any stage setup. It sits between any mixing board or speaker.

Supports both line-level and speaker-level inputs.
*Extra Cables are not included.

£ 245.00

Price Inc. VAT

UE Sound Tap

Line Drive

The Line Drive enables consistent fidelity and reproduction of any IEM sound signature, regardless of audio source, wether it is connected to a mixing console, i-ear monitor or headphone output.  Can be connected to line outputs or headphone outputs

  • Switchable between signal source and in-ear monitor (IEM)
  • Input/Output: Mini-jack
  • Dimensions: 50 x 55 x 20 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 500 g
  • Includes 2 extra lithium battery (CR2450 3V) and 3.5 mm stereo input cable


Price Inc. VAT

UE IPX Bluetooth Dongle

IPX Bluetooth Cable with attachable charging clip, USB charging cable and cord clip.  Water and sweat resistant for extreme durability IPX connection allows for compatibility with both PRO and CSX earphones Inline remote with microphone and functionality to activate smartphone assistant, control volume, change songs, pause and play audio, accept and decline calls, and power on and off  Up to 8 hours of play time Bluetooth 4.1, multi-point 19″ adjustable cable length


Price Inc. VAT

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