Festival Ariel View

Latitude 2020 and Leeds&Reading 2020 Festival Cancellations.

18 Jul 2019 – 21 Jul 2019

Sadly ESS will not being supplying these Festivals this year due to the ongoing effects of the Covid 19 Virus.

These are jobs which we very much look forward to each year.

Of course our entire Industry has taken a massive hit and come to a grinding halt.  What once seemed like an indestructible industry is now very fragile indeed.  

ESS have supplied systems and crew to the Latitude festival for multiple, unique and quirky stages for the past ten years and this year was due to be no different.

We were set to cover The Sunrise Arena and Lake Stage and their mixed bag of bands and artists,.

The lively Lavish Lounge and Lavish Bedroom stages, a further small stage in the Lavish area primarily for Solo artists.

The In-the-Woods stage pumping out for the All night DJ Parties and those punters with the staying power of a top government official.  

The Cabaret Stage, which hosts varied and wacky art plus some more general cabaret’.

On top of that the, Town Hall Stage, Museum of Memories art installation, Podcast area, Panel Chat Stage and the Alcove Stage.

It was due to be extremely busy.

The uniqueness and quirkiness of the Festival stages lend themselves to challenges getting great coverage and abiding by propagation testing and regulations on site. 

The plan to employ L’Acoustics line arrays, Turbosound point source and various other distributed systems is a credit to the many ESS engineers always tasked to rise to the occasion, who always employing a unique mixture of skills, good attitude, unique system design, personal flexibility and good humour in abundance.
They always contribute to making the event a huge success.  


ESS have supplied systems and crew to Leeds and Reading festivals for nearly two decades.

Servicing the Festival Republic, Alternative and BBC Introducing Stages has been both a Challenge and a Pleasure during this time.
Demanding schedules are combined with equally unforgiving changeover allowances, and restricted backstage space.
Running to time and enjoying typical friendly banter, the ESS Freelancers take this in their stride.

Recently paperless advancing combined with real time networked Patch Update systems have further improved efficiency and accuracy for our crews.

During the week onsite, ESS staff enjoy working with the other sturdy AV crews there, always a great working atmosphere.

These Festivals will be sorely missed this year but we are already looking forward to their return in 2021.



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